Wednesday, January 5, 2011

on the new year

Christmas was quite terrific! While we missed having the WHOLE family home.. we made the most of it and enjoyed a relaxing day of rich cocoa, gifts, good music, tennis (tis winter in florida after all), cooking and a movie to finish it off. As promised, I will post pictures of the homemade gifts this year but one more person needs to receive theirs before I can post about it all :)


We spent the New Year weekend with our dear friends Krista and Jesse. Friday night we hung out and partied at their house, bonfire and geo-cache style! Earlier that day though we watched the college bowl game, UCF's first bowl game and they won! Wooo, I am a proud Alumni!

Where the real fun began though, was Saturday morning! Krista's husband Jesse is a pilot and he had the hookup with a plane we could take that weekend and we decided on Charleston! What FUN! We explored the Boone Hall Plantation which was chock-full of history and fabulous branchy trees! For the remainder of our stay we wandered around without an agenda looking for adventure.. and we found it in many places! Lots of memories to keep! :)

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  1. Hey sister. Looks like you had alot of fun! I love Charlestown! It is one of my desired living locations of the future. Glad you didn't crash! I will not get in one of those little planes unless Jesus is flying it personally... Come to think of it maybe not... He isn't licensed! Haha. Anyways, I love you! Keep up the good work!