Thursday, January 20, 2011

on a pretty bedroom and neat website

While reading the wonderful Cakies blog I discovered this neat Australian website called Home Life. It has some really neat DIY projects... all of which I'd ACTUALLY do. Anymore I feel like a lot of magazines/websites out there are jumping on the DIY train without having all too clever of or "WOW"-factor ideas. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Anyways.. while browsing through Home Life, this pretty bed and over-head shelf setup really caught my eye!

I love everything about it!

source: homelife


  1. That bed looks like something you would out together. When me and yeci move back home someday you need to hook our house up with you touch!

  2. Oh yeah... you know I love doing that kind of stuff! I'm really excited about the day you guys move back here! I will seriously buy a one-way plane ticket to come help you pack and drive back to FL!

  3. Anna, I love it!! I really like how the pillow on the far right has the white flowers that look like they continue onto the wall.

  4. oh, and this is Amy :-)