Wednesday, November 16, 2011

holiday market

I've booked a table at a craft market! And goodness gracious, I can hardly believe that I finally mustered the courage to do this! My feelings are a jumbled busy mess of nervousness, courageousness and squealing bouts of excitement! Below are some pictures of what I'll be featuring at my table. These are my hand painted watercolor illustrations printed on high quality paper cards. In addition to my paper goods I'll be selling gift items like lavender sachets, burlap tree garland and my famous dill pickles made to order!

I invite you to come by the Holiday Market put on by Amy and Katie, two lovely ladies who make up the Homespun Chic Market. There will be over 25 vendors there excited to share their creations with you. I expect you'll find lots of wonderful gifts there to kick off your Christmas shopping!

Check the Homespun Chic website out for vendor features and more market event info!

OH YEAH! And enter here into the drawing to win a $20 gift certificate for any vendor at the market!

I'm still very busy creating more things for my table.. will post them as they are ready! Can't wait to meet new people and I also hope to see some familiar faces there! :)


  1. I'm in love with those Christmas cards!!!

  2. Anna!!!! I am SO proud of you!!! You should sell some of these on Etsy! (You know, if you're up for trying it out, of course. It's super easy and inexpensive.) The holidays are the best time for sales! Chad and I LOVE your work! So lovely! Keep it up, pretty friend!

  3. gee thanks guys :) i'm literally blushing! ha. And yes Georgia and Chad.. I just created an etsy account that I will open the day after the market! Will post it's grand opening on my blog when that happens!

  4. I love you sister! I'm so proud of you! You are so very creative and awesome!