Sunday, February 5, 2012

meeting baby hadley

We got to meet our baby niece and boy is she the sweetest! After work on Friday, Kell and I flew out to Virginia where my brother and his family live. My parents drove up a few days earlier and we're actually riding back with them in the car right now. It was a quick trip... too quick, but we got to spend all of Saturday loving on a playing with our nephew Hunter and our new baby niece Hadley. It was also a real treat to spend time with my brother and sis in law who are paving the way of parenthood for us... I was taking mental notes all weekend. I have much to learn about parenting for when our time comes one day!

Can't wait until next visit.. And one day I can't wait to have the babies over our place for a sleepover at Unkell's and Anta's house! (our names already sound so much like "uncle" and "aunt" we figured why not combine them?) When I get home to my computer I'll post some more pics and a video. Until then, enjoy this bright eyed beauty!

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