Friday, June 15, 2012

porch happy-nings

Hey there and happy happy FRIDAY!

So far, June has been quite the month for thunder and lightening storms here in Florida. SCARY... but not so scary to keep me away.. lightening, howling winds and sideways rain are all so mesmerizing to me!

Kell and I have been spending most of our evenings kicked back on the porch in the storm with a choice beverage (or two)... we'll hear that first whir of wind and crack of lightening.. then look at eachother and rush for the glasses and bottle... it's nice. We're loving our quiet chats and hours of surrendering to the relaxing calm that a heavy rainstorm begs.

Below are just some random photos I've taken on our porch in the recent week. 

if you haven't caught on yet in recent posts... my succulent obsession is still going strong...

the next day after a storm I was out watering the plants... and "ribbit...ribbit". I lift one of the plants out of it's pot and...

two frogs!? our porch is enclosed on the second story...what?  that's florida for you...

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  1. I think this handsome pair of frogs should be your next painting- part of your Florida series!