Tuesday, July 10, 2012

did you hear? have you seen?

I have some exciting news!

My little bitty papergoods company has been doing well :) I've recently been mentioned in the business blogs of two ladies that I admire very much, am grateful for and have been so priviledged to work alongside..

Check out both of the features pictured above here (at Bliss and Tell) and here (at Finding Home).

The first is Reni from Bliss and Tell Branding Company.

She is a gem to work with.. so pleasant, talented and professional. Being new at this.. I was quite clueless of the business and ins and outs of custom illustration.. I am so thankful to her for providing guidance and encouragement and goldmines of wisdom and tips... when most might have taken advantage of me or dismissed me altogether.. she saw an opportunity to be helpfully honest! She's THAT nice. I am very grateful to her for finding me and taking a chance on a new artist like myself. I'm so thrilled that she and her clients are pleased with their final products of my illustrations and I am hopeful for many good things to come of our partenership and collaborations.

Be sure to check out Reni's website, portfolio and blog... she does a heck of a job creating clean and bright and lovely web pages that I could look at all day. My experiences working with her as an artist have been wonderful.. she is very friendly, open-minded and talented. If you or someone you know has a business that could benefit from some focused branding strategy and web design, Reni is your gal!

The second is from Laura at Finding Home.

Reni (above) designed her website and took a chance on me to produce the illustrations. Well apparently Laura loved what I was able to create for her! Check out her website/blog here.. she is a very talented Interior Decorator. Doesn't she have great style? That she is delighted with her illustration pleases and flatters me so ! For her exciting site launch she asked me if I'd like to contribute a giveaway item.. and of course I said absolutely! Go to the post and enter in the giveaway if you are interested... it is open until July 17th!

I certainly can't quit my day job yet... but I am so excited for how this little business of mine is blossoming and thriving. I am having a lot of fun! Thank you for all of the kind words and support along the way... it means so much.


  1. How awesome Anna!
    I love following your blog.
    Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Linda Mitchell

  2. Dear Anna,
    I am so proud of you and thankful that others can see and read how talented you are! All those coloring books and big box of crayon's paid off!

  3. Can't wait for the doggie prints...you know how I love dog stuff. I'm really proud of you and the little business woman you have become.
    Love, Carla