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The Great Outdoors - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Announcement: Kell and I are the proud new owners of a canoe!

His parents owned it first, then decided that we would probably use and enjoy it more - and we have! Our library has a great Florida travel section, and the river guides have been so helpful in locating scenic runs near and far - most of which we've never heard of. After our Pioneer Plunge trip in N.C., where we were outside in the mountains for 5 days, chopped our own firewood and went on latern lit night hikes - we decided that we needed to spend more time in the nature when we got home. Since then, we've gone on two day hikes and paddled up a river once, we're also incorporating our prayer and devotions into outside time.. which is a joy in itself. Also, instead of running at the gym, Emily and I have been sweating the miles at parks and on downtown sidewalks, we've found running in the weather to be almost more refreshing than the excercise itself. Being active outdoors is my new favorite thing to do.

A dear friend Rachel Burns, stayed over the other night - we used to be housemates and having her over brought back fond memories! Anyways, I am an avid fan of her blog and she's probably my one and only fan since I don't know if anyone else actually reads this (if so, comment so I'm driven to update more often)! She mentioned some neat blog ideas that she had seen on the web having mostly to with points of interests like: breakfast, or knitting or cool boutiques rather than a personal journaling log. I thought that was a really neat idea and because Kell and I have been venturing on outdoor trips, he and I have decided to start a blog recording our outtings. We're really excited about it and it should be up in the next week or so! We hope to eventually canoe most of if not all of Florida, and use our blog entries, pictures and trip recordings to write a river guide.. mainly for couples.. I'm thinking it could be called "Canoe for Two". But I'm not yet entirely sold on that title, so let me know what you think!

Dream a Little Dream [or an absurd one] - Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last night I had a very strange dream. It was an Indian princess meets an Indian soldier love story set in an ancient stone court yard somewhere in the South Asia. And the star football player, Gary Burteer from the film Remember the Titans was their messenger. Hmmm.. what does this say about me?


Thanksgiving in Atlanta was very enjoyable, Kell and his dad smoked an enormous turkey while Mrs.Pryor, Cary and I made pretty pumpkin vase flower arrangements and prepared all of the traditional, delicious Thanksgiving dishes. Grandpa Pryor came over and we enjoyed our meal in a thankful manner. Friday night we were able to meet up with a group of friends at the Varsity and then head over to the Phillips Arena for the first Atlanta Thrashers hockey game of the season!! The Thrashers claimed victory in the end and I almost caught a TShirt, so it was a pretty good night!

Kell and I shopped a little on black Friday and snatched a 'buy a pair, 2nd pair 50% off' deal on some Columbia hiking boots! They'll be good for our 5 day pioneer camping trip in the NC mountains next weekend! We decided to go for a short hike in some woods near his house to break them in a little and on this venture, I fell into a deep hole that was hidden under some fallen leaves! Ha. I will let you know how our NC trip goes, I'm sure I will manage to encounter more similar clumsy events.

Until then, I will have my nose in the books as this semester wraps up next week with finals and papers!

A Fine Morning and A Charming Experience - Friday, November 21, 2008

The air is cool and my coffee is warm. I am at work, a job I would be more enthusiastic about if it were more stimulating in any sort of way. I have to say my favorite part of my job is getting to listen to Pandora Radio all day.. right now I'm listening to a cheery mix of Christmas carols - I think when my spirits are up, I'm more productive and find ways to enjoy the not so fun parts of my job.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend. My mom and I are going to spend the day together starting early Saturday morning!! After I got married, my mom and I butted heads and argued a lot for a month or so - I hated that so much but I think in part, it was difficult for me because I was trying to push her away so I could learn to be a wife and have my OWN family and on my mom's part, I think it was difficult for her to give me up and allow me in the care and dependence of Kell. However, we have finally and successfully made the emotional transition from dependent daughter to married daughter. We are'nt fighting any more and I enjoy, even look forward to our phone conversations! It's like we are close friends, but in the most respectful way that only a grown daughter and a good mother can have - it is wonderful! So yes, our Saturday should be fun together!

Yesterday I had a long break between my classes and I decided to check out the Fresh Market a few miles from campus. I remember going to Fresh Markets with my mom when I was younger and loved them. So I walked into the market where a very tastful selection of classical music was being played and I had the most pleasant time just walking up and down the aisles of organic, fresh and well displayed products. I perused the wine racks and made note of some interesting bottles to buy for special occasions. I smelled some spices and packed a baggy of curry to make some chicken salad at home. The produce section was beautiful and it was all I could do to keep from buying a whole bag of each berry they had - their blackberries looked especially delicious! I also spent a good amount of time in their floral corner - and among all of the blossoming ranunculus, spray roses and hydrangas I did not notice a single browned or wrinkled petal - they were all so perfectly lovely! It was the most calming and delightful grocery experience I have ever experienced - I wish there was one closer or that I could afford to shop there regularly - maybe one day I will, but if not that's okay too. I guess I just appreciate places that seem to pull off charming quality in every way - Fresh Market is one of them, Anthropologie is another. Then, it was time for me to leave so I made my purchases (curry and apples) and headed back to my last class. If any of you get the chance to pop into a Fresh Market - please do, you won't be disappointed! :)

My Dear Family - Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I think most people might often underestimate the blessings of good health. I would even say that having a good family has more often than not, gone unappreciated. I know that I am guilty of both of these.

This year of 2008 has been a well-spring of important events: I moved to Orlando, Steven graduated from High School, Kell and I got engaged, Kell went on staff with Young Life, I began volunteering for Young Life again, Justin finished with the Army and moved to Seattle, I moved back home, Steven moved out and joined the Marines, I got married and moved into a place with Kell, Steven Graduated from Marine Boot Camp, Kell started school again and just like that, in a summers time - my parents have an empty nest and children with fresh beginnings.

After a very busy Jan-Aug, and after the wedding and when all of us had moved out of my parents house, my mom began having strange sympotoms from something unknown and her doctors have been running different tests as she has been in and out of the hospital (she is currently home). Since my dad still had to got to work, and my schedule happens to be a little more flexible, he and I have been sharing the duties of taking care of her and making hospital runs or visits (hopefully there will be no more). But not long after this began, my dad woke up one morning with severe and spontaneous nerve damage that begins in the face called Bells Palsy. He is beginning physical therapy this week, and hopes that it is only temporary (1 to 2 months) as 2/3 of the cases are.

In the past couple weeks since all of this has happened - I have felt a lot pain for my parents, it hurts to see their health in such poor condition and even moreso, it's heartbreaking to see their spirits low. I think they miss having a house full of children, and feel like they are beginning to get old. I'm glad that Kell and I can live close to them and visit often, especially since my brothers live so far away. I still feel like a family.. but we aren't all under one roof any longer, and I have daily found myself very deeply missing my brothers. I wish they could be here to visit mom and dad with me and come over mine and Kell's place to hang out and goof around.

I have a very wonderful family and appreciate them entirely. I also have parents in poor health, it's never something you consider until it happens. It's not like they are in life threatening conditions, but it has unpleasantly interuppted their lives and they do need prayer. So please pray for me and my brothers as we care from far and near for our parents. Also pray for my parents, that they would get well soon and during the process, grow to love each other more as they stay true to their vows to be there in sickness and in health.

Joys of House Keeping - Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am a wife now, and have been finding it quite enjoyable. Considering the domestic expectations that come along with wifehood, I must say that I have surprised myself in abilities such as cleaning, meal planning, cooking and grocery shopping with a budget. In all truthfulness, during mine and Kell’s engagement, feelings of terror were often felt at my inexperience in home keeping. My mother is an outstanding cook and always kept a tidy home, so I never felt a need to learn myself. Perhaps home keeping has found my favor inherently or perhaps instinctually, in whichever case – I am thankful to be adapting with ease!

This week marks the first of 16 weeks each including 13 credit hours, 25 work hours and 10 volunteer hours. I’ll let you know when my house keeping spirits are broken by a pile of neglected dishes or laundry (I suspect it could be soon)!

In addition - Kell makes a wonderful husband, caring for him is a delightful duty!

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