Monday, February 2, 2009


Welcome all! This is the new look for my blog. I didn't put much effort into my last one as far as formatting goes because I wasn't sure if I'd even enjoy writing about my life for all to read! At last, I've discovered that I do!

The title 'fancy is free' has already made my dear husband pinch his brow in confusion.. so as to not inflict futher furrowing among you, I'll share what it means to me. It is a line in one of my favorite Beatles song lyrics called 'Honeymoon Song'. I don't so much love the instrumentals of the song as I do the poetry of it. There is a segment that goes,

"Forever on and forever
forever on side by side
who ever knew that we two
could be free as we'd fancy
fancy is free
but are we who are bound
to each other by love"

And so I just think it's a sweet song.. and however it's interpretted.. I think that giving my self to love (marriage, friendships, family, Christ) has not bound me to anything but instead has left me free as I fancied because the people I love.. love that about me. So, I hope you enjoy and become a follower, as I seem to have only one faithful reader who I cherish completely! I'm currently teaching myself 'html coding' which is how I made this new blog template.. and when my brain stops boiling from that.. I will be adding some cool gadgets and such, so be on the look out! I plan on keeping the content about the same (if you want to read from my old blog, I made a post of all my archived entries) but do plan on posting more frequently. And due to 'blog construction' it's already been a while since my last update..

so on with it...

Kell and I have made Valentines day plans of which I am extremely excited about! We plan on taking a morning train from DeLand to Winter Park and spending the afternoon picnicking and strolling in the park. We'll have a romantic dinner at any of the fine restaurants there and take the last train back home. Being leisurely outside all day with my sweetie sounds like the perfect day to me and we hope for good weather!

We watched the big superbowl at my parents house last night. If my parents didn't live close we would have been somewhere that had chex mix, beer and too many screaming people.. not judging, but I just really enjoyed being at my parents cozy house with a fire lit, homemade appitizers and a Real Simple magazine to flip through while listening to the game. Since being married, and living with a boy -- football is on in our home more often than it would be if I lived alone, but this isn't a complaint because I've actually learned a lot by asking Kell questions. "Hey, what's 1st and 10 mean? What's that thing on the referee's hand? Why are they kicking the ball all of a sudden? Why do some guys get to move around when they're hiking the ball and some don't?" you know.. annoying stuff that probably ruins the game for him, but he's patient and answers me and now I can sit down and actually enjoy a game with him!

Something that is making my day just wonderful is that, every week at work we get a new fresh flower arrangement for the sitting room and this week, the boss' wife ordered all of the ladies in the office, mini valentines desk arrangements! They are adorable, I'll have to post a photo if I remember to bring my camera to work Wednesday.

Alright..better finish my break and get back to work!


  1. "giving myself to love." I like that. Is it a specific decision you made, or a rephrasing of our general commissioning as Christ followers?

  2. Hi Kristi! Both I suppose, I've made a specific decision to follow Christ. If that's what you were asking! :)