Sunday, February 8, 2009

dogs dogs dogs

First of all - I still live in the same town where I grew up. It's a small college town where when I was in highschool and the new Walmart opened, I and half of the school skipped to witness it. And although I hope to move and raise my family elsewhere only for sake of experiencing a new environment, for right now I love it here. I love DeLand for so many reasons - reason numero uno, the parades! We have several annual downtown events and festivals.. but the parades byfar are most incredible! The whole town attends, and a good fraction of the town are actually in them.

Yesterday was the Dog Parade, everyone brings their dogs.. dogs are everywhere!! And may I add that the doggies all seem to get a long and totally realize that the day and parade is for them, they just trot around with their tongues hanging out looking all happy how dogs do, and those in the parade are all dressed up and looking goofy. I saw a terrier covered with colorful streamers taped all over him and dragging behind him like a train, he had no idea how precious he was... or how much I wanted to run in, scoop him up and make him my own! I can't wait until we have a place that allows dogs - I've never not had a dog.. and I miss it! Ringo however, our kittums, he's a pretty darn awesome daddy cat and is probably the closest to a dog a cat can get. I'll have to devote a post to him in the near future, you'll all fall in love with him I'm sure!

Oh, one more thing to add about the parade.. there was a truck pulling a trailer of a four person band playing cover songs.. they rocked! But rocked in a way that a supposed to be family friendly downtown DeLand dog parade should'nt.. they blarred classics like Cocaine by Clapton and I Just Want to Make Love to You by Foghat. And not that I advocate hard drugs like cocaine (or any drugs for that matter) I did enjoy it. They did justice to the songs (and anyone who knows me, knows I'm a harsh cover song critic) but above all, I love that despite it's potentially harmful influence on small children and that it was completely unrelated to dogs and therefore the whole parade, everyone seemed to dig it.. even moms! Now that I think of it... those guys probably weren't even supposed to be in the parade.. I think entry is kind of exclusive to dogs, vets, local businesses and a few highschool clubs (all having a dog theme of course). Whatev!

Another note on dogs - today on the way to church Kell and I saw a guy walking his two HUMONGOUS Rotweillers. This is the conversation that followed upon said sighting...

Kell: Whoa.. look at those big dogs, what are they?
Me: Those are Rotweillers, they're always huge! [pause] Talk about huge dogs, you remember
that movie Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks [Kell looks a little confused] and his
enormous dog, that came up to his belly button?!
Kell: Wait, are you talking about Clifford?

And there you have folks.. another reason I love my mister husband!

p.s. I would post pictures from the parade.. but Kellman took the digicam on his hunting trip so I had to use my trusty SLR film camera! Which I enjoyed, and was reminded of how I love film photography!

p.s.s. I'm really giddy because besides parading yesterday morning and attending a good friends bday partay, I spent all of my weekend cleaning out closets, drawers and doing some much needed general organinzing - thus resulting in a sparkling clean home! I also found a one dollar steal at a garage sale! Woo hoo! More to come...

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  1. I love the car-conversation! I can totally imagine Kell saying that... also,judging from the pictures he posted, he got a pig?