Thursday, February 5, 2009

on down right silliness

I always said I wouldn't be the wife who brought up and argued or argued back about stupid things, rather, truly silly things. Things like.. oh, I don't know.. whether or not making 4 servings of coffee is better than making 6. Yes, this is actually the louder than neccessary fit me and the hubs had this morning.

Neither of us usually finish a FULL cup of coffee before it gets cold, so I assume not wasting by making and pouring each only 3/4 of a cup. I usually make and pour the coffee, so I don't think he ever notices that I don't fill to the brim. But on this fine morning, I made the coffee and he poured himself a cup (full) which then 5 minutes later when I go to get my fill, leaves me with less than half a cup. I asked why he felt the need to leave me such little coffee or not think to start another pot.. and thats when the volume escalated! He argued, why not make 6 servings so we can each have a full cup, and I argued why waste 2 servings just to have a full cup! Proud of this moment, I am not. Proud of the moment we realized how SILLY we both sounded and began laughing, I am!

I don't like petty arguments.. and those are really the only ones we have. However, I'm going to look at the glass (or should I say mug) as more than just half full and say that I prefer our petty arguments over big blowouts (that we don't have), any day. I am thankful for a sweet husband.. and no more of this 3/4 full coffee mug business (seriously, how frugal can I get?). Fill-er up!

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