Monday, February 16, 2009

a lovely valentine's day

1. I made us breakfast in bed (well, I didn't mak it IN the bed.. but you know): delicious cheddar toast with eggs.
2. At the DeLand train station.
3. I LOVE this station and how they've preserved that old timey look.
4. Here's our ride, the Silver Bullet.
5. The weather was perfect and we napped and read in the park for hours... ahh, bliss!
6. Handsome husband!
7. Pretty purpule tree, perfect for Valentine's.
8. Moi.
9. Dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Panullos.
10. Winter Park station.
11. Fun station shot.. the day's almost over!
12. Back in DeLand, what a lovely Valentine's Day!

We had a fabulous Valentine's. It was inexpensive, relaxing and full of love! And let me tell you, there is no better feeling than the one of waking from a cool grass nap on a warm breezy day. Your first breath is filled with fresh air and your closed eyelids glow with warmth from the sun.. I simply suggest you all try it sometime and experience it's pure bliss! I hope you all (all 5 of you) spent your Valentine's in a sweet way also.. I'd love to hear about what your 14th was like, leave a comment! :)


  1. What a great collage. You've got to show me how you whip those up so quickly!

  2. Right after I left Clay Pidgeons, I realized I never heard about your Valentines Day. So glad you posted pictures :)!! Now I'm just curious how you got so many wonderful shots. Did you ask someone to take them for you? *By the way, I have to admit that secretly hope if we hang out more, your craftiness will rub off on me :).

  3. Amanda, We strategically placed the camerea on ledges benches, roots of trees and anywhere possible to get our shots and set the timer! Ha.. it was actually kind of neat how everywhere we wanted to take a shot, there happened to be a place to set the camera. I also hope we make a habit of hanging out and crafting, it's so fun and you're so fun to do it with!