Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On a MUCH needed update!

Hello Readers! It has been so long, and I’m sorry, you can blame my neighbor! We live in a big old house that is divided into 4 apartments (like a quadplex kind of, only cooler) and the guy above us had internet that was unlocked so we had been taking advantage of that until last week when he up and moved! Boooo! So we’ve ordered our own internet and they won’t be here until Wednesday to hook it up. Meanwhile, I’m typing this on word and then going somewhere that has wifi to post it! See the lengths I’ll go for you?? Anyhow, I have lots to update on and am kicking myself for not writing them all down in a paper journal so I could remember everything.. but along with a few unforgettable occurrences, I have taken a few photos to share and hopefully that should be update enough!

Last Sunday Kell and I were given tickets for the Nascar Daytona 500 race!! Holy smokes! Tickets are like $200 bucks each and not that I’m a follower or a fan of Nascar, but let’s just say that I was so excited to go for the first time and see what it was all about. I have lived within 30 minutes from Daytona most of my life and everyone out of state would groan in judgment when I would admit that I had never been to any race at the Daytona Motor Speedway. So for that, the fact that I don’t surf and also that I am pasty white always in a small way has made me feel like a shame to Florida. But now, after the earplugs, overpriced beer, copious amounts of advertising and 200mph left turns, I can proudly say I’ve been and enjoyed myself completely! Before the race started we made guesses on which car out of 40 would win. I ate Cheerios that morning for breakfast so naturally, I took a liking to #33 the Cheerios car. And what do you know.. I wasn’t so far off, he came in 4th!

I mentioned a few posts earlier that I had snagged a good $1 deal at a garage sell and would share more later – so without further ado, check them out! They hade ugly brown frames until I went by Lowe’s and found this pretty shade of blue spray paint that matches my kitchen curtains brilliantly. I love them and love that they were only $1 each even more! I encourage you all to browse your local penny savers for nearby garage sales, I’ll bet you find some neat things.

At one of my wedding showers the invitations included a card for all the ladies to write down one of their favorite recipes for me to have, and one of them was a recipe for blueberry muffins. I had Monday off of work and got to do a lot of things I had been meaning to, and making those muffins was one of them. They turned out heavenly and here’s a visual to prove it! Maybe one day you’ll get lucky and I’ll make you some!

We have finally decided to get our bedroom looking nice. It was the last thing on our list as far as the house goes because we’re the only ones that ever really see it. It has been driving me crazy because growing up as the only girl meant that I’d always had my own bedroom, and my parents always let me decorate it how I wanted, so I always loved it and loved spending time there. But now that I have my very own place and more rooms than 1 to take care of, the bedroom was a last priority and before this weekend, I would avoid our bedroom at any cost unless it was time to go to bed. Cluttered space, clutters my mind and I quickly get real cranky.. or obsessive, scurrying about the place whimpering and making “trash” and “keep” piles. Anyways, so we’ve filed a bunch of papers, cleaned out drawers, sold some pieces of furniture on craig’s list as well as buying some others. I must say it’s coming together very nicely, and I’ll post some pictures when it’s complete!

SO, all of that to say – our cat, Ringo LOVES being on surfaces.. sometimes he won’t touch the floor moving from one room to another as he leaps from the shelf to the trunk to the couch to the hutch to the table to the counter. It’s ridiculous, entertaining and kind of annoying because I’m constantly wiping off the surfaces of everything covered in cat hair. So when we got some of our new furniture pieces he was so excited and bounded from new piece to new piece in our bed room like it was his own personal jungle jim. He is so feisty and makes us laugh all the time.. we’re glad he’s equally excited about the new home improvements as we are! Here’s a handsome photo of him enjoying the new desk.

Well, that’s all for now! I am sleepy and need to find some internet somewhere so I can post this! I’ll be back up and blogging on Wednesday when our internet is hooked up. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. Your bedroom wasn't an eyesore at all! Can't wait to see what you do with it, though.