Monday, August 17, 2009

end of summer to-doosies

This week is the last of my summer break. I’m ready to get back to school and work closer towards earning my degree. I lollygagged and changed my major a lot those first two years and now I’m really wishing I hadn’t. Feels like I’ve been in school forever! Just 3 more semester though, and I’ll be finished. Then I can go on to get my masters and that’s my goal (which is strange because it’s really just more school.. but I won’t get my dream job until I get my masters, so I’ve got to do that first).

For the past few days ideas and to-do’s have been bouncing around in my head. Since I got married last August, the week following our return from Jamaica up until this June had been jam-packed with school, studies, work, Young Life (ministry Kell and I volunteer for) and getting used to having and keeping a home and marriage. So needless to say the break from school these past 3 months has been utter bliss! I’ve been able to clean the house and keep it clean, spend some much needed time with friends and family, hang out with my younglife girls, travel, pick up blogging again, make big breakfasts, craft, be outside and just relax. Of course that’s not all I did, but those are things I know I’ll be missing when school starts again and Young Life picks up in a week. I am determined however to not let this last week blow by me in a gust unproductiveness, so without further ado.. I present my “Last To-Do List For The Summer of 2009”.

1. Visit the beach for a sunrise.
2. Get my hair cut.
3. Make marbleized art for our bedroom.
4. Find and cook ALL new recipes for dinner this week .
5. Post about our Anniversary trip to Charleston.
6. Finish and send out my “Lovely Package”.
7. Find a cute sewing pattern to make a shirt out of some pretty fabric I found.
8. Kayak on the lake one early morning.
9. Get a gym membership.
10. Laundry.
11. Make plans with Amy who’s finally back in-town!
12. Finish a cross-word puzzle with Kell.
13. Purchase and begin reading “Through the Looking Glass”.
14. Drink tea everyday.
15. Go on a bike ride with Kell.
16. Buy fresh flowers.
17. Blog 7 days in a row (ambitious I know!)

And that’s about it. Should be a good week and every evening (beginning tonight) I’ll post on my progress and share the recipe of the dinner I made.

p.s. this weekend Kell and I went to some friend’s lake house for fun and to say good bye to them before they move to NJ and I found out that two people there, Kaley and Dani read my blog! Turns out Kaley has a blog too, and it’s precious (visit it here: )! I was thrilled, very surprised and completely honored and if I didn’t know they read my blog, how many more people out there read and I don’t know?! Anyways.. as far as I know, I’m up to about 6 readers so if you read and think I don’t know.. you should tell me or comment so I can thank you a bunch!

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