Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Anniversary Plans

Mine and Kell's 1 year anniversary is August 9th. It's hard to believe it's really been a whole year already! But it has been and we're still so in love and excited to be approaching our first year milestone. We have a fun 4 day trip planned in South Carolina's beautiful and historic Charleston. It's a 6 hour drive which isn't so bad and we'll be bringing our bikes because we hear Charleston is a fun place to cycle around! For 2 nights we're staying at an ADORABLE little inn that serves breakfast on the terrace and is located in the heart of the historic district so everything should be within a walking and cycling distance. And for those 3 days we'll be popping in and out of neat bookstores, shopping for antiques, touring cemeteries and old mansions and dining at the finest local eateries! And for 1 day and 1 night we'll be hiking, biking, fishing and camping in the national forest nearby! We love being adventurous together and haven't done nearly as much of it as we would have liked in the last year... so it should be a lot fun!

One more thing were probably more excited about than we should be is our anniversary cake! Confession: we didn't wait a year to eat the frozen top of our cake.. we waited like.. one week. So I called the baker who made our heavenly delicious cake one year ago and asked her if she could make us a 6inch cake for our anniversary. She said "of course" and so we're picking it up on our way out of town and putting it in a cooler with dry ice.. hopefully it will hold up for the week! I'll let you know!

When I bought my wedding dress.. I told my self that I would put it on and dazzle Kell every anniversary. But I'm not really sure how I can pull it off this year because we're leaving the morning of our actual anniversary and there's no way I'm fitting it in my suit case! This makes me a little sad because I love my dress and want to wear it more than once in my lifetime! But then again.. I'm a little scared of the 10 pounds I've gained post wedding and might have a serious breakdown if I can't fit into it perfectly! Ehh.. don't want to think about it anymore!

Well I hope you have a nice weekend and visit again soon to see pictures of our trip to Charleston!


  1. yay for touring old cemeteries! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Anna and Kell! We hope you have a wonderful anniversary trip- Charleston is a wonderful place, isn't it?

    With love,
    the Medlins

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you! I wanted to thank you for commenting on Olivet! I would love to know more about your wedding!! Do you have any pictures on Whimsy? I'm still searching for a photographer, band or dj, violinist, flower vendor/nursery and dance floor rental... If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!!! Thanks again Anna!