Thursday, August 20, 2009

"to-do" update and my poor kitty

Hey All! Tonight we were treated to dinner by some of our soon-to-be newlywed friends Kevin and Amanda.. they mentioned Bellini's (one of ours and most DeLandites favorite local eateries) so we couldn't say no! Plus we had been missing them a bunch so even if it were to McDonalds we would have gone! But this means no "Dinner Four" posting tonight.. I still plan on posting 7 dinners though, it will just have to be 7 meals in 8 days!

Today I completed and have crossed off more of my to-do list. It's a great feeling.. getting things done and seeing it on paper! What feels greatest of all though is that I am fully enjoying every last minute of this summer break.

Before I tell of my progress thus far.. I just want to share about something that is currently breaking my heart more and more as the hours go by; I think Ringo (our precious and beloved cat) is gone for good. :( He's just the best little cat.. he's cuddly.. he's fierce.. he's outdoors.. he's indoors.. he's potty trained and doesn't need a litter box.. he's fit.. he's handsome.. he doesn't meow our ears off.. he sleeps in with us sometimes.. he doesn't eat to much.. he comes when you call him.. he runs really fast.. he's like an all-in-one cat. Look at him.. adorable right?

He's also lost.. we can't find him anywhere. He's ALWAYS within a calling distance of our house and ALWAYS comes when we call. But for the past 2 1/2 days.. we have'nt seen him at all! I keep his food on the porch and it has gone un-nibbled for 2 1/2 days! I've driven all around the neighborhood looking for him or (gulp) to see if maybe a car has hit him.. but I haven't seen anything! I called Animal Control, the Humaines Society and my mom even went to the pound looking for him.. no luck! Tomorrow if he doesn't show up I think I'm going to visit all of our neighbors and ask them if they've seen him. I'm also going to post "lost cat" picture flyers around. Pray that he comes home and was just taking a little cat vaca! Also, friends who live in DeLand, keep your eyes open for him when you drive through the Stetson/Downtown area!

Okay.. well now to cheer things up a bit..

1. Visit the beach for a sunrise.
2. Get my hair cut.
3. Make marbleized art for our bedroom.
4. Find and cook ALL new recipes for dinner this week .
5. Post about our Anniversary trip to Charleston.
6. Finish and send out my “Lovely Package”.
7. Find a cute sewing pattern to make a shirt out of some pretty fabric I found.
8. Kayak on the lake one early morning.
9. Get a gym membership.
10. Laundry.
11. Make plans with Amy who’s finally back in-town!
12. Finish a cross-word puzzle with Kell.
13. Purchase and begin reading “Through the Looking Glass”.
14. Drink tea everyday.
15. Go on a bike ride with Kell.
16. Buy fresh flowers.
17. Blog 7 days in a row (ambitious I know!)

Daytona Beach! GORGEOUS!

I actually combined 2 to-dos with this one.. I made plans with Amy to watch the sunrise! It was great and I had been missing the heck out of her! We decided today that we are kindred spirits (Anne of Green Gables anyone?). She's just that person in my life that when we get together I just tell her everything that's on my heart and going on in my life without all of the fluff. She's one of the most non-judgemental people I know and an excellent listner. I don't have to explain myself to her over and over because she gets me and my strange round-about way of saying things.. and that's one of my favorite feelings ever I think - feeling completely understood by someone else. What's also great and fulfilling is that I feel like I am also that kind of friend to her. It's a very well balanced friendship.. healthy and genuine! So basically.. I had a great morning rising with the sun and catching up with a dear kindred spirit who I've missed all summer!

In the next couple of days I'll post pictures of the "lovely package" I finished. I don't want to post pictures of it and ruin the surprise for her if she happens to peek at my blog!

Until next time...


  1. Kindred Spirits are the best! Thanking God that you and Amy have found one in eachother. I hope your kitty returns real soon! Keep up the good work on blogging consistently...I'm still working on that.

  2. ahh! i can't wait to receive your package! i'm so excited! :) i hope you love yours as well.