Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a little catch up

I'm such a flake when it comes to posting.. but I hate forcing myself to write about nothing. So there you have it.. not much has been going on, just getting back into the swing of things with school and studying. I'm doing really well in my classes and am learning a lot.. I actually enjoy studying for them also which is fantastic since I have to study a bunch! I'm in the Psychology program and plan on one day getting a masters in Biblical counseling so I can then go on to counseling families and couples. I'm really getting excited for my "big girl" job one day.. the more classes I take and learn about psychotherapy, the more I see myself loving my post-college career.

Today at work it is someones birthday and I volunteered to make cupcakes! Devil's food cake with fresh raspberry whipped buttercream frosting. I baked them last night and woke up early this morning to frost them. They tasted HEAVENLY, and I'm not the only one who thought so.. they were a hit! I completely enjoyed my early morning listening to Paul Simon while frosting cupcakes in my PJs - I think if I weren't studying to become a counselor.. I would become a pastry chef and with my mom, open our own bakery, decorate it in pastels and call it Cream Puffs or something.. (she used to call me that when I was little)!

This past weekend Kell and I went to Atlanta to visit his parents! We had'nt seen them since May so our visit was definately past due.. but certainly much enjoyed. We had a pretty full agenda starting with mani/pedis for Mrs. P and I, and then dinner and a Kenny Loggins concert at Chastain Ampitheater Friday night (you can't beat live music!!!). Then Saturday morning we left for the Ga Tech vs. UNC football game which was a blast and Tech won, so horray! Then we went with his family and some of their friends to this really modish restaurant called Serpas. DELISH! Then Sunday we went to breakfast with Kell's sweet and dear grandpa who after breakfast took us to his his backyard and showed us his muscadine vine (yum!) and two growing pumpkins. Then we went back to Kells parent's place and the boys fixed the pool pump while Mrs. P and I sewed. It was a fun weekend and we can't wait until we visit them again in November when my parents will get to come with us!

I'm working on my first "wearable" sewing project. I should be finished this weekend and am really excited to share it with you. So far it looks great and fits like a glove.. or a blouse.. heh. So check back soon for that!

I just re-read this post and notice it doesn't really flow well.. sorry for that, I'm a little off today!


  1. you've figured out how to make your pictures not clickable. how!?

  2. Dear CreamPuff,
    I love reading your blog!
    When you open your own counseling business,
    you should always have a pretty plate of your
    tasty, dreamy, choco-lat-ie cupcakes in your
    office. Those will help anyone feel better!