Friday, August 28, 2009

Charleston Trip!

It's here!! The Charleston Update.. finally! We went to Charleston for our first anniversary and enjoyed ourselves completely!

We hit the outlets on our way to South Carolina to get Kell some new jeans from Gap. Also we happened to pop into Sunglasses Hut and well.. while we were in there decided that we should get each other anniversary gifts after all. Polarized, glass lensed, super fly Ray Bans! I've never had a pair of sunglasses worth more than $10 and now understand why people pay so much for these polarized wonders.. they give you vision that of a super hero!!!!! For real! I'm afraid I've become a shade snob.. don't think I'll ever go back to the $10 TJMaxx deals. Here we are looking pretty boss...

We camped out our first night to save some money and also because well.. we love camping! It was a pretty rural campground about 15 miles into the woods with an old fashion water pump and outhouse and a bazillion banana spiders..eeek! We were the only ones out there too .. so we could goof off and be as silly as we wanted without the glares and more importantly cool off in the air-conditioned car a few times away from the heat and mosquitoes without being judged! There was however nothing primitive about the dinner we fixed up. Appetizers: sliced baguettes with salmon and cream cheese. Dinner: juicy steak, baked potatoes and green beans. Dessert: wedding cake! It was all so yummy.. best eats I've ever had before sleeping in a tent for sure! Also, Kell's mom sent me a book to read while in Charleston.. it was called, Charleston!

When we woke up we packed all of our things back into the Element and then headed to Charleston. We went to the Drayton Hall Plantation to kill sometime before we could check-in our inn. What a beautiful place with so much history. Our guide was amazing and we really learned a lot about architecture, the civil war, slave trading and how the Drayton family was involved in all of that and more. We eventually got settled in our room and then hit the town! We brought our bikes and really enjoyed riding around and dreaming about living in all of the humongous houses as well as the tinier shanty cottages (we couldn't afford either)! Our inn was withing walking distance of most everything and was perfectly ideal and such a bargain, I would recommend staying there to anyone! They serve a yummy breakfast on the terrace every morning.. and they had fresh grapefruit.. enough said! Every restaurant we went to was delicious.. I'm convinced you can't go wrong in Charleston.

We probably walked about 15 miles and rode our bikes another 30 the whole trip (for real!) and so we really got to see a lot of neat things in Charleston! To name a few......
The Blue Bicycle Book Shop. A charming well-stocked book store that had a blue bicycle with a stack of books on it outside the door (pictured above). They also had a few adorable fluffy smarty cats lounging on shelves and piles of books... precious right?!

Old Aircraft Carrier. It was ENORMOUS!!! We explored and goofed around almost every square inch of the boat and I decided that instead of the Government sinking these things to create artificial reefs... they should turn them into places to play Laser Tag. Priorities people!

A GIGANTIC Urban Outfitters that will just take your breath away.. it did mine at least!

Heaven aka this fabric and notions shop.

All in all we most enjoyed just being together, being outdoors in a new place and being in love!

Oh yeah, and on an end note... On our way home, to finish the trip off right we decided we'd take an hour (total) detour and stop in Savannah for lunch at our favorite Savannah pizzeria called Vinny Van Goghs and then get coffee to go at this one coffee shop that I can't remember the name of but only where it was located. So we exit.. take a wrong turn putting us 15 more minutes behind, turn around, finally get to Savannah to find out that both Vinny Van Goghs AND the adorable coffee shop aren't there anymore! I wanted to cry. Our TWO favorite places in Sav! OH well.. we ended up laughing it off at a less yummy deli and got back on the road vowing to never do that again!


  1. I love you so much Baby, Let do it again real soon...Savannah and all!!!

  2. looks like you had an awesome time! Very Cute!