Wednesday, October 7, 2009

from the weekend...

I got a few things knocked off my weekend list.. hurrah!

DeLand's charming little treasure trove, Outhouse Antiques did not disappoint! Although it took everything in me, I managed to get out of there without making a purchase (neither our budget nor our home have any room for more furniture).

I also managed to finish my sewing project! Considering it was my first big project.. and a wearable one at that, I am very happy with it. I learned a lot in the process about sewing pattern terminology and what to do and not do next go around. It's still so warm here in FL, so I've still got a month or so to enjoy wearing it!

Hope you like it.. because I do! Also.. wondering how bloggers like JenLovesKev, Whishcake and LovelyMorning get such fabulous, light-filled, soft photos!! I try so hard.. but I think it may be my camera. Any tips?? Or camera recommendations?