Monday, October 12, 2009

healthy goals...

To be completely honest, I’m a little fed up with my habits that until just recently, I never considered a problem. It all sort of hit me in one sweep last week that I’m not as healthy as I could be. There are a lot of practical, manageable and completely beneficial ways of living that I could easily incorporate into my life if I just decide to. There are some people I know and some others here in the blog community that seem to have it all together and make conscious efforts to live healthy lives. Don’t get me wrong, currently I’m not UNhealthy.. but I do know that if I don’t sooner or later (pref sooner) start intentionally minding my health, setting goals and preparing for the future.. it could get out of hand. So in response to this revelation, for the past week I have been living a lot healthier and have made a realistic list of goals for myself…

1. Reach my goal weight of 125 (currently 140)
2. Don’t indulge in sweets every time I crave them
3. Eat smaller portions
4. Drink copious amounts of water throughout the day
5. Quit picking fingers (I pick the skin on the sides of my fingers. It’s a nasty habit.)
6. Run (or some other cardio) 4 times a week
7. Walk to close places rather than drive
8. Eat more veggies/fruits for snacks rather than sweets
9. Get hair trimmed more than twice a year ( in know.. ridiculous)
10. Lay and rise earlier
11. Take a daily vitamin
12. Don’t pick my face, turning microscopic zits into big ones

So far this past week I've been pleased with my efforts!! I plan on adding to and beefing up these goals once they are consistently met.. like for example, maybe a half marathon in my future?

Wish me the best!

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  1. good perspective on things! and reasonable goals!