Friday, November 27, 2009

as of late..

Feeling a bit behind.. and a tad overwhelmed! I looked at a calander of December today.. mentally added what all is happening so far.. and there just don't seem to be enough days to fit all of the plans. Which, I suppose makes me feel more sad than overwhelmed because I've been looking forward to this Christmas since the day after last Christmas and I'd prefer not rush and stress through it.. I'd MUCH rather enjoy it. So we'll see, I imagine it won't be as hectic as I am thinking it will and perhaps todays "yikes Christmas is almost here" moment will give me the boot I need to dive right into it all. I definately need to start on Christmas gifts ASAP as there are a lot of handmade ones this year (I'm pretty excited about them!!).

I haven't been posting much.. but definately have been wanting to!! About two weeks ago my camera broke so I've been without for a while and unable to document things to post on here.. for some reason I feel like pictures are a must, but they aren't are they? Sometimes I feel like pictures make up for what I might lack in writing.. but I ought to try it more!
Finally.. here are some of the Washington trip pictures!! We went to visit my big brother Justin and his dear girlfriend Yeci!

Tons of fun and I miss them incredibly! Why must they live in the furthest corner of the US away from Florida?!?! A few (the really good ones!) were taken by my brother Justin.. he has a really nice camera ! :)

Hoping and planning to post over the holidays! Even though posting takes some time.. it certainly drives me to accompolish more so that I have more to report and also gives me warm fuzzies to sit down, think about and document the days of my favorite month of the year!

Kell and I are in GA right now... celebrating Thanksgiving with his family and enjoying ourselves! Tomorrow is Black Friday (yuck.. but you can't beat the deals on cameras.. and we need a new one since ours broke). So we're going to BestBuy on a mission for one thing only (a camera) and hope somehow to avoid the mad elbowers and long lines!

Christmas bells are RINGING people.. get excited!!

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