Monday, December 28, 2009

on a Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas 2009 brought! Kell and I agreed to house/dog watch for a family we know over the Christmas holiday which initially made us sad becuase that meant we wouldn't be waking in our own cozy home Christmas morning... however we later had the thought to invite Kell's parents who live in GA to visit and spend the holiday with us! It worked out perfectly because it was so lovely being able to be with both of our families on Christmas and it would not have happened if we weren't house-watching because our apartment has no guest room.

I finished all of my Christmas gift projects in time to be wrapped and given.. and everyone seemed to really love them and appreciate the thoughtfulness of handmade! I took some photos and will be posting them shortly. As nice as it was to be able to make everyones gifts for them.. I think next year, unless I start the crafting in September.. I'll be cutting back on the handmade gifts. While I do love crafting, I did find it more stressful amidst finals, holiday parties and everything else the wonderful month of December brings. Needless to say, it's a big breath of fresh air right now knowing that my to do list is blank. :)

It's really nice having my little brother Steven intown. Family feels more like family when they are near! Also, because he is intown his girlfriend Zury has been hanging around more.. and getting to know her better has been great! My big brother and his girlfriend Yeci weren't able to come which was so sad.. but good news.. over the weekend they got engaged!!!! I'm so excited. I love Yeci to death and am thrilled that soon she will be part of the family! They live in Seattle but will be having the wedding here in FL, so she's asked that I help her with planning - to which I responded with a big fat "OF COURSE"!!! I love weddings and being able to help plan hers and my big brothers brings me much joy!

Kell and I recieved so many wonderful gifts this year (just like every year) .. and once again, are overwhelmed with so much thanks and love. Here's a little list of some of the gifts we were given..

Kell - ipod, columbia jacket, fancy new racquet, ham radio, handsome clothes, the tv show house soundtrack, planet earth dvds...

Anna - sewing supplies, lovely sterling silver candlesticks, vintage kitchen stool, antropologie goodies, paul simon record, lucky handbag, silver key necklace, platos closet gift card, really nice and comfy new bed sheets!

Like I said.. a ton of really nice and thoughtful gifts. We are BLESSED!

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  1. Hey Anna! Hope you are off to a great January! Not sure if I ever thanked you for sharing the Magnolia Company info with me. So I want to say thanks for sharing - we ended up getting on of their wreaths!! Thanks again :)