Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what's cookin'?

I've been under a cooking spell this past week.. and I welcome it gladly! My favorite recipe source is America's Test Kitchen. They have a cooking show on PBS.. and since Kell and I are big time fans and supporters of public television (PBS) and radio (NPR).. it's only natural that I subscribe to their magazines as well!

Everything I've ever cooked from ATK has presented and tasted divinely! I trust their recipes above all others so much that I'll cook up things I'd probably never eat even if it were free.. sometimes I pick what I think I'd probably like LEAST from a magazine, and then it ends up in my "favorites" box! There's a science to their recipe creating, as their name entails; America's TEST Kitchen experiements with classic recipes.. they toy with the traditional measurments, make substitutions and tinker with cooking times and methods, and I swear.. make the recipe better than it's ever been!

Do yourself and all who you feed a BIG favor and subscribe to America's Test Kitchen!!* They have two publications, Cooks Illustrated and Cooks Country. I would recommend Cooks Country as it's printed in color (Cooks Illustrated has black and white illustrations) and they also have nifty tear out recipe cards that fit nicely in your recipe box! I think cooking from a less popular source is great because everyone has already tasted Paula Dean, Rachael Ray, and Martha Stewart before.. cooking from ATK will surprise you guests in the tastiest of ways! And not to speak less of the formerly mentioned ladies (some of their recipes are in my favorites box as well) but ATK is a stiff competitor that deserves more recognition.. at least I think so! Also, did I mention how accessible and affordable their ingredients are?

Anyways when I planned out our meals for the next two weeks.. every dinner happened to be an ATK recipe, and let me just say, evenings around here have been pretty delicious this week! :) I took a few photos to share. Below is a Creamy Asparagus Soup and some Pecan Triangles I made for my dad, lover of all things "Pecan". You can't possibly enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed the flavors.. so I hope you take my recommendation to the next level and subscribe to America's Test Kitchen!

*ATK did not pay or ask me to write this! I wish! This is just an honest fan giving you an honestly golden recommendation!


  1. When is dinner? Looks delishawonderful!

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