Thursday, June 3, 2010

currently growing and sewing...

I must say my little potted garden up our door steps is looking especially lovely these days! I love the 5 minutes every other day I get to sit on the steps and prune and water them. Gardening to me is so very relaxing.. there's just something about having my hands in the earth, helping to grow something lovely that I find great joy in. Pulling weeds, watering, and pruning old blooms to make way for the new has a special way of renewing my soul.. I always finish feeling lighter than when I started and I can hardly wait until I have my own back and front yard to cram full of flowers.

I've also been very slowly working on a new sewing project. I was originally going to make a long shirt dress of this.. but didn't feel like lining it so instead opted for a blouse. I'm really loving it so far. While I don't find sewing quite as relaxing as gardening, I do enjoy it alot! I'm still very much in the learning process.. but know that practice makes perfect so I'm going to keep at it and hope to gradually work my way towards having to use the seam ripper less. (please excuse some of the raw edges.. like I said, it's still a work in progress!)




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  1. Love your front step garden! Oh and that shirt is so cute, I think you're on to something there :)