Tuesday, December 13, 2011

on the holiday craft market and my etsy shop!

I promised a post detailing how the holiday craft market went, so here we go! First of all... thank you kindly to everyone who has either called to say they were excited, came to the market or has visited my etsy shop. Your generous support is overwhelming.. I can't thank you enough!

Also, I'd like to make a few more special and specific mentions of thanks. Shout outs really...

Krista, thank you for giving me a grand pep-talk to enter the market in the first place. I was 100% NOT going to do it.. and then after 10 minutes talking about it with you.. I was ALL IN! You also stood by my side and helped during the whole event, I can't thank you enough. I'm glad to have you as an encourager and friend!

Kell, my kind and patient husband. You shared in my enthusiasm to do this from day one! The house was a craft-fest wreck for 2 months and you didn't complain or grumble once. Instead you showed great interest in what was on my "to-do" list every day and gave welcomed helpful advice and tips on everything from design to pricing. I respect and appreciate you so much. You show me how to love better every day... thank you.

Mom and Dad, you both taught me the value and skill of composing a well-written and thoughtful letter and ever since then I've always appreciated sending and receiving mail. You also have both kept every single card I've made for you... which is A LOT! It also means a lot to me. It's no coincidence now that I love to paint and design cards. The love and pride you show me makes me feel treasured and gives me the confidence I need to express myself creatively and share it with others! Thank you for being just the kind of parents I need and more.

Now that everyone has been properly thanked... on with the photos!

My good friend Krista kept me company and helped out the whole time... what a pal!

My hansdome husband and number one supporter, Kell!

It went well and I enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by my table! It was my first time selling something I've made so it felt strange at first. But, that people actually loved something I created and paid cash money for it?? I felt very honored and full of thanksgiving! Participating in the Homespun Chic Market was a wonderful experience and great start for me.

Just last week I opened an etsy shop. Check it out here at Yours Truly Or just click on the ETSY button posted in my blog's sidebar. You can also click on the sidebar button to follow me on twitter!

Thanks again for all of your support and shared excitement! I feel so blessed.

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