Sunday, January 22, 2012

Windy Week! Part 2: an outing and a video

Hey there! Would loved to have gotten this second sailing post up during the week like I promised, but it was a very busy week at work and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to sit down and be on a computer again!

It was a fabulously gorgeous week full of breezy high 70's and sunshine... did I mention that I love FLORIDA!? We got to take my parents out on the sailboat last night.. it was fun to have them out there with us. Regrettably, I was a little cranky and disappointed because the wind died right when we set sail. I was hoping to take them for a more thrilling ride than we could... oh well, that's how it is when dealing with weather I guess!

Last weekend however brought us fantastic winds and bright sunshine. It was pretty chilly.. but we had the right clothing. Kell and I actually went out late Saturday night and spent the night anchored out and then at 9am we sailed in to dock and picked up our good friends Krista and Jesse for the day. We had a spectacular time and they brought us hot chocolate and coffee. What pals! Here are pictures and a video of our fun time!

And because we couldn't take a picture of ourselves sailing.. here's another boat close to us to give you an idea of the winds and fun!

And also, a video...

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