Thursday, February 23, 2012

sick days can be productive

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly nauseous. Bleh. I went into work thinking it might pass, but it didn't so I took off just 30 minutes after arriving. The nausea got a little better.. but I still felt/feel puny.

While it certainly sucks to feel yucky.. sick days can be still be enjoyed by indulging in lazy activites :) Usually this means sipping tea and watching my 4 favorite movies back to back (Dan in Real Life, You've Got Mail, Marie Antoinette and 500 Days of Summer). But today I sipped peppermint tea (good for tummy-aches) and painted and formatted my paintings in Photoshop for new cards! Take a look at my screen shot...

I also learned to play a new song on my Ukulele, Aux Champs ElyseƩs. I've got the tune down.. now I just need to learn the words.. which I'm thinking will be much more difficult than the chords! :) Here's a cute youtube video of some real French people covering it. Anyone here think I can get Kell to dress up and join in with me like this guy? hehe

All in all.. it was quite a restful day.. but productive too. May be just what I needed :) I'll be going to bed early tonight and plan on feeling 110% in the morning, I really missed seeing all of the students today!


  1. Looks like lots of great work in Photoshop! I can't wait to see it all!

  2. Thanks :) I wish I could participate in the May 6th event.. but we'll be in ATL for a wedding that we've already RSVP'd to :( Hate that I'll miss out but will certainly help promote!