Saturday, March 24, 2012

announcing the WINNERS!

Thanks so very much to everyone who participated in my very first GIVEAWAY! I loved seeing some action here on the blog and hearing from you fabulous ladies :) It means a lot to me that you read this space.. and that you enjoy it makes me so glad!

And now, the TWO lucky winners are...

Congratulations Kitty and Carla! Head on over to my shop and select whichever card set you'd like. Some of my cards are only featured as singles.. but if you'd like to for me to make one of them a set for you, no problem, I'd be happy to do that! Once you have selected which set you'd like, contact me through Etsy (shown below) with a note saying which set you chose and the address I can ship it to! Easy a that!

Once again, A HUGE thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I hope to keep updating it several times a week and would love your continued feedback and support.

This won't be the last giveaway.. fun things for giveaways to come are in the works :) Meanwhile, enjoy this 50% off discount coupon for the next 7 days on anything in the shop! Just enter "FUN50" in the coupon section at checkout. 

Enjoy your weekend :) Kell and I are eating lemonade popsicles and building a new rudder for our boat. We busted the original 40 year old one two weekends ago. We had fun doing it though.. that was a really good sailing day.. and it was on it's last leg anyways!


  1. Yay. Congrats to the winners....Just how does one break a sailboat rudder? :)

    1. :) It was a pretty old rudder.. we knew we'd have to replace it some time or another. We were just sailing along pretty fast and and then the next thing we knew we had no steering and the boat kind of spun around and we saw half of the rudder about 50 feet away. AH! Needless to say, we were done for the day! Kell is doing a really good job making the new one. Will post a boat update w/ pics soon!