Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter!

Happy Easter :) It's mighty nice to have a Christ isn't it? He is risen!

This weekend really seemed to last long.... in a good way. I spent most of it getting ready for the craft fest next week... which like my friend Kitty who commented on the last post... can be very therapeutic! I'd just pop in a girly movie and get to cutting, folding and packaging cards.. then before I know it.. they're mostly all finished. And then later I'd make some tea.. put on a good record and paint a new design.. right now I'm working on a mother's day and a father's day card. So that mixed in with a little laundry, cooking, dishes and church for easter is what my last 3 days consisted of and it was quite enjoyable!

Here are a few snapshots of today...

Easter morning breakfast... (and no, that isn't sawdust in my yogurt, it's flax seed, which tastes like sawdust but is apparently healthy?)

Our church, Summit has the coolest graphics...

Working on this alligator.. trying to branch out from just painting flowers...

Monday is near.. hope everyone is rested and ready to face the week with smiles! :)

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  1. I love your cute gator!I think she probably likes candy and sweets- you should consider naming her "Candy"!