Saturday, April 7, 2012

sneak peek

I've been busy getting everything together for the craft fest next weekend and finishing up a custom order! Things just seem to be falling in place.. which is always a good feeling :) Here's a sneak peek...

new business cards...

a custom order of candy jar labels for a candy bar at a wedding...

I've certainly got my work cut out for me here - a stack of cards waiting to be cut, folded and packaged...

expanding the "fish print" line by adding note paper stationery and large art prints...

happy weekend y'all... enjoy what may be the very last cold front of this season!


  1. I LOVE the business cards and the mint labels! You are so talented Anna! Is it weird that a nice night at home cutting and folding sounds so therapeutic to me right now?

  2. Looking great! I hope you have a great show!

  3. Love it all! I'm so proud of you!!

  4. Wow! Everything looks great!! Enjoy the craft show:)