Saturday, February 28, 2009


1. I appreciate well wrapped or packaged items.

2. I collect stationary - I do write a lot of letters, but probably not enough to keep up with my stash of pretty paper.

3. I have a horrible voice. Horrible like, when I have babies they'll cry if I ever try singing them lullabys to sleep.

4. I think about death too much. Woo, dark I know!

5. I grew up always having Dalmatians.

6. Whether it be a book title, a person or pet, or a store.. I appreciate all things well-named.

7. I'm kind of a tea snob.

8. I miss Elementary School P.E. (minus physical fitness week).

9. I like smelling other peoples homes. Weird?? Whatever, I just think that it's interesting. Sometimes I will smell a smell somewhere and it will remind me of a friends house I would hang out in 2nd grade.. and I just think that's cool.

10. My husband, dad and brothers could fix anything in the whole wide world! I love that and feel very secure having so many handy men so close.

11. I try to memorize everyones phone numbers even though my cellphone does that for me.

12. I think if my soul had a playlist.. it would all be folk. I have a weakness for punchy harmonicas and smooth acoustics.

13. My husband and I like to take evening strolls downtown and smoke stoagies.

14. I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook.

15. I wish I crafted more.

16. Ministry, my faith and following Jesus are each a major part of my life.

17. Fresh flowers put a smile on my face, even if they aren't mine.

18. Our wedding cake was heavenly.. I wish I could have a piece every morning at breakfast for the rest of my life.

19. I'm pretty cheap, and have a mental value system for how much I think things are worth and won't make a purchase unless it's at or under that price. For example: I won't spend more than $15 on ANY shirt.

20. That being said.. despite my frugalness, I manage to find really great deals on really nice things and rarely do I regret a purchase.

21. My husband is my best friend.

22. I don't forget things I lose, I remember them forever. About three years ago I lost a really amazing (inside and out) journal - I'm still in mourning.

23. I've been to Japan once and wouldn't mind living there for a couple years, everything about it is so different and fascinating.

24. Of all of my favorite things in the world.. my most favorite is open windows. There's just something about the outside air coming inside that pleases me to no end.

25. I have really wonderful parents, both biologically and in-law.


  1. I love your 25 list,and we love you!

  2. I love the new pictures, especially the Henry VIII picture!