Thursday, March 5, 2009

an unpleasant awakening

Our landlord is in town...

I mentioned a few posts earlier that the guy above us moved out, so our landlord (he's from Atlanta and is really soft spoken.. anytime I've ever talked to him on the phone I've hung up feeling incredibly calm) is in town cleaning up the apt. upstairs so it's ready for whoever moves in next. Apparently he decided it needed to be recarpeted, because at 6:30 this morning, I heard really loud men yelling about carpet (maybe it was only loud because I had just been slumbering in silence for 5 hours) but nevertheless, they were hollering and grunting and pulling the seemingly heavy rolls of carpet up the stairs while also dropping them a few times and then 20 minutes later they start installing it, which basically requires a jackhammer-like tool that stretches and pounds the carpet into the floor, or as I felt, it was pounding it into my ears!!

I'm an extremely, rediculously and proabably some would say unsafe to certain extents, sound sleeper. I can't think of a time before this morning that a noise had woken me up, even 6 years ago when the fire department came to my house because a phone pole on the edge of our lawn had electrically caught fire, I slept like a baby. It's rare that I respond even to an alarm clock. Which infact, I kind of like and call it a blessing to have such a patient father, mother and husband in my life; when I was younger (middle school, high school) my parents would usually wake me up with a nice back rub, and Kell is pretty wonderful at being sweet and consistent (not pushy) in telling me it's time to get up, which certainly makes for pleasant awakenings.

So, I'm sorry to anyone who is a light sleeper and suffers from waking at noises. I experienced your pain this morning and it threw my groove off for the rest of the day.

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