Monday, March 16, 2009

on spring break and righteous anger

So I took a break from blogging over Spring Break. I missed it.. but at the same time, felt like I got to do a few things I hadn’t been able to in a while..

1. Played guitar
2. Found a new favorite music artist: Priscilla Ahn
3. Watched cable tv at my parents (lame I know.. but we only have 3 channels and for some
reason I had been craving some HGTV and E! That, and it was also nice to visit with my parents)!
4. Went to the beach and started my tan.. even if I always just turn red and then peel, I always
hope that somehow the winter changed my skin type and I’ll be bronzy by May.
5. Painted
6. Saw an old friend (Lauren came in from Indiana, we had fun and I took her on a bicycle tour
of DeLand – which reminded me of how terribly little I know of DeLand’s history and how I need to learn it)!
7. Sold my huge dresser (but now I need to find a new and smaller one because my clothes are in
little stacks all around the bedroom)
8. Had some nice and peaceful quite times reading the Word, reflecting and praying. I enjoy this
so much and there is never a time that I feel more loved and more myself, which is a killer combo if you ask me.

So yeah, my SB wasn’t entirely too exciting but that’s okay. Today is Monday and I didn’t dread coming into work or the thought of school tomorrow, which means I feel well rested and ready to get back to conquering the usual and busy day to day of my life. One thing I hope I start being more vigilant about is making time daily to be quiet and be with God. Like I said, I find it so enjoyable and so necessary. There truly is nothing or anyone more important in my life to be devoting time to.. yet so often I don’t.

Our minister always teaches such wonderful messages, he always has the right words and I know that’s because he’s sharing only the wisdom that can be received from God, which is always a powerful, true and good thing. Yesterday he spoke on anger, how we should be angry only about righteous things, things that anger God. How when we feel or find that anger if we close our eyes to it, it will only eat at our soul. So don’t close our eyes, but use the burning bush in the old testament as a reminder to burn with anger, but not to be consumed by it. Do something to help shine light in that dark area, because that’s what Jesus did. He went a lot deeper and if you want to listen to the podcast, just click here. So, currently what’s on my mind most is this idea and what it means in my life.. what in my life angers God, and therefore should anger me?

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  1. my old laptop died. My new one is getting shipped to me. Once I am re-established with my own computer, I'll have to look up Priscilla Ahn.