Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

My 22nd birthday was last week! Turning 22 isn't such a big deal.. so I had a low key party. But if you ask me, low key and fewer people parites that aren't OVERplanned have always been the parties I've had the most fun at! My mother hosted it and made the MOST delicious jumbo sized chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting! They were a hit! I opened my gifts.. and it felt like Christmas.. I seriously made out good this year!! My gem of a mother in law (who taught me how to sew, and made all the lovely curtains adorning our windows) gave me a brand new sewing machine (Project Runway limited edition!!) I LOOOVE it, it's so light weight and when I went to my first sewing class the instructor raved about! I've already begun a few sewing projects and before too long hope to muster enough courage to make a cute dress! Anyways, back to the party .. after gift opening we played a fun and challenging game of Cranium while snacking on cupcakes, champagne and fresh berries! The evening ended and once I got back home and unloaded my birthday treasures from the car, I found the perfect place to put each gift and then went to bed extremely thankful for such dear and wonderful friends and family.

Now back to gifts... my sweet and thoughtful husband purchased me the most wonderful of gifts, an iHome! I'm in the kitchen a lot baking, doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, putting groceries away and it can get pretty lonely.. not to mention boring! I've mentioned before how nice listening to music while I'm working in the kitchen would be and Kell must have picked up on that subtle or maybe not-so subtle hint and now since the latest installment of my shiny new iHome, kitchen duties are a groovy chore that I swear has improved my skills and therefore makes for tastier meals!

Those close to me know how cheap I can be.. but also know that I have expensive taste.. my mom definatley knows this about me and knew that the perfect gift to get me would be the one candle that I've been swooning over for oh.. about 2 years now, but won't purchase because it's so expensive. Ladys and gents.. let me tell you about the Volcano candle - it burns real slow, fills up every nook and cranny in your home with its sweet scent, it comes in a lovely case and what's BEST is that it smells like what I imagine heaven will. It's hard to describe the experience of all that is the Volcano candle.. so I highly suggest you make a trip to Anthropologie and just take a whiff. If you've ever wondered why Anthro smells so lovely.. know now that the Volcano candle is after all, the candle they burn in the store!

So there you have it .. many wonderful friends and family, a delightful party, a bunch of sweet gifts and a year older! Hurrah!


  1. omg go look at my blog right now! it's gorgeous! thank you so much for your tips! I just downloaded picasso too.

  2. aw, happy birthday friend!
    i LOVED being 22 :)

    enjoy it. blessings in the year to come!