Sunday, August 2, 2009

on busy hands

Some weeks end and I'm left frustrated with myself for not having done or accomplished as much as I would have liked. However this week I'm completely satisfied with how I've spent my free time, and it's amazing how much it has lightened my mood.

A while ago I planted some herbs and while they've been lovely to have and tend to, I actually never really found myself using them all that much. I decided to uproot them and transfer the rosemary and basil into some other pots as a gift to my mother. She's coveted my herbs for a while but has never gotten around to planting her own yet. Now she won't have to! So in my empty pots I planted the most lovely little mini garden that makes me smile everytime I approach our door steps! I LOVE flowers and dream about the day when I'll own my own yard and get to spend my Saturday mornings tending to the garden and picking fresh flowers for the table... how lovely it will be! Anyways.. since the area around our front door where the newly planted flowers sat was looking pretty shabby, I weeded, swept and scrubbed it clean and when I was all finished and the sweltering Florida sun had squeezed every last drop of sweat from me that it could, I brushed myself free of dirt and felt glad that I had spent my time that morning with my hands in the earth.

{my newly potted garden}

{some of my old herbs replanted for my mother}

Also this week I spent two evenings after work sewing. Both of those evenings were just as much a delight as they were a learning experience. A learning experience because I was crafting something I had just thought up and therefore didn't have pictures or patterns showing me how much fabric to cut, where to cut, where to sew, when to turn the fabric inside out and when not to. However, I managed to figure it out and am so pleased with the final product. So pleased in fact that after I come up with a few more designs, I just might decide to open an etsy shop and put them in there.

I just realized after that whole paragraph I never actually told you what it was that I made! So if you were wondering.. I made a set of 4 lavender sachets embellished with lace and hand-stiched initials. And in case you're wondering what a lavender sachet is.. it is a little glorious smelling lavender filled bag that you put in your dresser or bedside drawers. But I suppose you could really put them wherever you might fancy to smell a hint of lavender.

This lovely little bundle is currently in a mail room somewhere between here and Georgia on its way to my mother in law who inspired me to begin sewing. Her birthday was this week and I so hope she enjoys having these sachets as much as I enjoyed making them for her!

So all in all, my week was fantastic and filled with the joy of working with my hands. It's a good thing keeping your hands busy.. and the Bible says so, "Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth." Proverbs 10:4 :)

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