Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a "last week of summer to-do's" UPDATE

I was going to post this update with the DINNER posting, but then decided that I didn't want the joy of my progress so far this week to be tainted by my failing to cook a proper meal! So on with the good..

1. Visit the beach for a sunrise.
2. Get my hair cut.
3. Make marbleized art for our bedroom.
4. Find and cook ALL new recipes for dinner this week .
5. Post about our Anniversary trip to Charleston.
6. Finish and send out my “Lovely Package”.
7. Find a cute sewing pattern to make a shirt out of some pretty fabric I found.
8. Kayak on the lake one early morning.
9. Get a gym membership.
10. Laundry.
11. Make plans with Amy who’s finally back in-town!
12. Finish a cross-word puzzle with Kell.
13. Purchase and begin reading “Through the Looking Glass”.
14. Drink tea everyday.
15. Go on a bike ride with Kell.
16. Buy fresh flowers.
17. Blog 7 days in a row (ambitious I know!)

Me, thoroughly enjoying an early morning on the lake all by my lonesome. (after many attempts at setting the timer to my camera on someones dock and back-paddling like a maniac.. I finally got a good one).

"Good Morning Ducks!"

"Good Morning Water Lily, you look lovely!"

A BEAUTIFUL morning on the lake!

My bunch of fresh and lovely flowers.

My new book.. It should be good.. I'm interested in seeing how it's different from the movie, I hear it's a lot darker!

I'm happy with my progress so far :)

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  1. setting a camera on a dock, set self-timer, back paddling furiously, paused,then smile. I love it!