Friday, May 14, 2010

peace and quiet.. mmmm

I've had alone time for the past 3 days! I can't remember the last time I had alone time. Kell is out of town camping/climbing/all-things-adventurous with some of his buddies in N. Georgia for 5 days. Most of me misses him terribly.. but some of me is REALLY enjoying a quiet house, and my old routines of living singly. Among my latest pleasures are: reading in complete silence and sipping tea, looong quiet jogs/walks through old neighborhoods in DeLand, gardening, listening to really girly music, watching super girly movies, sewing, beach time, eating salads and quiet devotions in the morning. Notice I used the word quiet a lot in my activities.. not that Kell is a really loud person.. but a certain level of noise accompanies when two are together that makes true, quiet, personal time near impossible. So, all this to say.. I've really enjoyed my alone, me-time these past few days.. and will continue to through the weekend, however, I suspect by Sunday I will be very ready to have my honey back home and near to me. :)

The two main things keeping me from often blog posts since January are over: my very full semester of classes, and my brothers (at home, DIY) wedding. They both wrapped up in the same week, which made for a VERY busy.. but VERY anticipated and productive week. Since January.. Monday - Fridays were spent working 25 hours a week at my job, studying for and attending 5 classes in Orlando, managing house duties and wedding planning with Yeci (my dear new sister in-law). And Saturdays-Sundays were spent at my parents house working the land and preparing the area for a beautiful wedding. Somehow I (with tons of help and support from my beloved parents and husband) managed it all fairly well.. I made the deans-list again, and the wedding went beautifully! I can't wait until the photographer has the pictures ready so I can share them on here!

It's a bit strange not having a big list of to-do's and to-be's, but as indicated in the beginning of this post, I am relaxing and soaking it in! My summer semester starts on Monday, I imagine by then I'll be ready to get back to classes and getting closer to finishing my undergraduate degree.. I'll be finished for good in December! hooray!

On the list of things to enjoy this weekend are: sailing, farmers market, church, writing some letters, jogging and more reading (currently reading The Help).


  1. Weddings with a lot of DIY aspects are incredibly time consuming!! But they're always better that way....personal touches ;)

    Good luck with the summer semester!

  2. Yes you are SO right... I couldn't agree more! It was a lovely wedding!

    Thanks for stopping by.. I was so excited to receive your comment! I'm enjoying your blog as well!

  3. great post! came across your bog today, its great

    D E G A I N E