Friday, January 13, 2012

a friday evening well-spent

Ahh, at last the weekend has arrived. I miss the students on my weekends.. but I don't miss my desk and the stacks of paperwork. I'll see school-aged kids in the grocery store and think "hey! is that one of our students?". Most of the time it's not but I wish it was so that I could smile at them, pat them on the back and wish them a "very happy weekend" and an "I'll see you Monday!".

When I first started my job, I previously had never worked with children and it certainly took some getting used to. Now I'm so accustomed to it and enjoy it completely that during my time away form work I wish I knew more kids or had some of my own to smile at. By the way, my sister in-law Danielle is due in just a couple weeks.. I'm so excited about meeting baby Hadley!

Anyways.. when I'm not missing the silliness and energy of kiddos, I find plenty to occupy me.

Tonight I painted a special gift for a someone very dear to me. My mother. It's her birthday today and she is certainly a lady who's life is worthy of grand celebration and sincere thanks.

Without giving too much of the gift away... here are two snapshots of my evening.

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  1. Dearest NannyCakes,
    I am so overwhelmed at the beauty of your gift
    to me! It is lovely, just like you!