Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hurrah for 2012!

I'm not very superstitious about kicking off new years.. but I certainly am hopeful for good things! The last year and the year ahead is a neat idea to ponder. It's been a whole year since I graduated college, I've been working full time for almost a year, we moved, we bought and restored an old sailboat, I got back to blogging, I painted more and opened an etsy shop, got a new sister-in-law and became an auntie and in between all of this kept busy sharing happy moments with my husband, friends and family!

This list makes me feel both satisfaction and a sense of urgency to accomplish more in the new year! I have plenty of resolves and goals.. Here we go!

1. Take the GRE
2. Apply to a grad or tech program
3. Keep my car clean
4. Volunteer at our church
5. Sign up for regular yoga classes
6. Start saving for a house
7. Make our wedding album
8. Go on a week long sailing trip
9. Visit my nephew and niece a lot!
10. Become a runner
11. Write and mail a letter a week
12. Have more people over to our place.. Host holiday parties and all that!

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