Monday, April 2, 2012

craft fest coming up!

Howdy there, friends!

I've been having lots of fun hanging out with my inlaws and have been away from the computer.. thus no blogging in the last few days!

We're about to head off and go sailing today.. but I wanted to hop on here real quick and announce that I will have a space at the OAK HILL RIVERFEST April 14th and 15th! It's my second craft show ever and it's a two day event.. I'm a little nervous but mostly very excited!

You all should come out and attend.. and bring your man and kiddos because it's way more than just a craft show! There will be pie eating, fish catching, hot cars to check out and a clam chowder cook-off. Should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to meet new people there!

I had never heard of Oak Hill before entering into this event.. so maybe you haven't either. See the map below for directions!


  1. Looks like a cool and fun event! Hope it goes well!

  2. hope it's wonderful!! I'm so proud of you for doing this.