Tuesday, May 29, 2012

an update, a new design and a sneak peek!

And I'm back!
When I haven't been at my day job...I've been busy fishing, beaching and bike riding! And on the creative business front.. I've been doing a few custom projects and meeting with a wonderful lady who's opening up a craft gallery June 1st and will be selling my stationery!
Will be back to regular blog posting as of NOW. :) And I will soon certainly fill you in on all of the above fun mentions!
As for now...
I've had lots of orders for custom projects lately... which is AMAZING and quite flattering! Seriously, everytime I get an email for a custom piece I do a happy dance, treat myself to chocolate, call my husband and mom with the exciting news and then whip out my sketchbook right then. I love the whole creative process of custom projects.
In between the custom work... I found a little time to paint something just for fun.
What do you think? Would these be cute as a card?

And here's a sneak peek of my next blog post...

A friend of mine from my hometown DeLand.. got married recently! Their wedding was perfectly lovely and she's going to let me share all about it on here!


Check back SOON :)


  1. Love the flamingo! I think it would be cute on a canvas bag..... :)