Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding: Carly and Jake

I'm so excited to share with you all a most lovely wedding! Maybe the lovliest of all, even. The wedding took place in theirs and my hometown of DeLand at an antique shop garden and cafe called Cafe Davinci.

When I asked Carly if I could share all about it on my blog and that I wanted to credit all of the contributers from the catering to the props and the dress, she gave me a short list... because she and her mother in law did almost everything themselves!

If any of you DeLand locals are getting married, know someone who is or are just throwing a fun event... Carly and Jake certainly recommend contacting any of the contributers below.

I wish Carly and Jake so much happiness and adventure in their many years together as husband and wife. This wedding is a beautiful start to their wonderful union!

Also, check out Carly's new blog! It's fabulous... Crotchet and Croptops

Location: Cafe Da Vinci
Photography: Jenna Thorp
Greenery/Florals: Mark Grantham at the Magnolia Co.
Cakes: Stevie Perryman
Food: Carly and Dagny (mother in-law)
Hair and Makeup: Carly and Dagny (mother in-law)
Dress: Carly and Dagny (mother in-law)
Decorations and Props: Carly and Dagny (mother in-law)
Jewelry: Carly

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  1. Looks like a great wedding! Love the clothing for the bridal party and shoes! :)